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LG WD-P1410BRD Front Loading Washing Machine

LG WD-P1410BRD have elegant design, and with black color, this washer look more great. From the image below, what do you think about this washer product? This front loading washer from LG have good specs and feature like Bigger Capacity, A++ Energy Rating, RPM : 1400 Rpm and other. You can read more detail below. Price for this elegant washer is Rp 9.000.000,00, and this price really match with the quality you will get. Compare with LG WD-P1285FD, another good product from the same brand.

Price per Unit (piece): Rp 9.000.000,00

Normal 0


- Steam Wash
- Dual Steam & Allergy Care
- Inverter with Direct Drive
- Bigger Capacity
- Combo Dryer
- Load Detection Technology
- A++ Energy Rating
Capacity : 10 Kg
Dryer : 5
Dimension : 600 x 850 x 595 (W x D x H)
RPM : 1400 Rpm
If you have time, read also Sanyo ASW 90 HT. This washing machine from Sanyo is top loading type.

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Front Loading Washer LG WD-P1285FD

LG WD-P1285FD, what do you think about this washing machine product from LG. From the image below you can see how this washer look like, and for me this washing machine have good design. You will need to pay Rp 6.750.000,00 to own this washer product from LG, compare with LG WD-M1070TD, which one you will choose? I think both have same design, and specs also almost same.

Price per Unit (piece): Rp 6.750.000,00


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Capacity : 8.5 Kg

Dryer : No

Dimension : 550x640x842

RPM : 1200

Display : Big Wide LED Display

Motor : Inverter Direct Drive motor
I hope info above give you enough information to choose the correct washing machine, i also want you read about SANYO 80HT Top loading washer. Price for this sanyo product is Rp 2.075.000,00.

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Front Loading LG WD-M1070TD

Front loading washing machine type is the washer i want to review now. The name of product is LG WD-M1070TD, from image below, what do you think about this washing machine design? Do you have same think with me, if this washer have elegant look? compare with LG WD-K8070TP, i think the design and feature almost same. Price for LG WD-M1070TD is Rp 5.200.000,00, and price for LG WD-K8070TP is p 4.200.000,00. This washer from LG have good specs and feature, you can read detail below.

Price per Unit (piece): Rp 5.200.000,00


Normal 0

Capacity : 7.0 kg

Dryer : No

Dimension : 550x850x595

RPM : 1000rpm

Display : LED

Motor : Inverter Direct Drive motor
Another good washer product i want you to read is SANKEN – AW-770 SS / 772.

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LG WD-K8070TP with Auto Balancing

LG WD-K8070TP is front loading washing machine type. Do you like front loading washer design, if compare with top loading TOSHIBA AW 8480, which one is more elegant for you? This LG washer integrate with good specs like Alergy + Baby Care, Big Capacity (7Kg), Bio Magic Filter, Fuzzy Logic and other. You can read more detail for this washer feature below. Price for this washing machine front loading only Rp 4.200.000,00, and you will get 1 years guarantee.

Price per Unit (piece): Rp 4.200.000,00

Description :

- Fuzzy Logic
- Auto Balancing
- Alergy + Baby Care
- Big Capacity (7Kg)
- RPM : 800 Rpm
Product Spesification
Type : Front Loader
Tube : 1
Capacity : 7 Kg
Hot Water :
Special Feature : Alergy + Baby Care
Bio Magic Filter :
Softener Dispenser :
Power Consumption :
Dimension (WxDxH) : 600 x 550 x 842
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Compare LG WD-K8070TP with LG WD-K1087TP, both is from the same brand, and have same design too.

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Front Loading 8.5 KG Capacity LG WD-K1087TP

LG WD-K1087TP is front loading washing machine, below you can see the image of this product, what do you think about this washer after you see this product picture? If compare with Electrolux EW-F1090, another front loading product, which one you will choose? Price for this LG washer 8.5 kg is Rp 5.200.000,00, and i think this price really match with the quality. You can read detail specs and feature for this washer LG below.

Price per Unit (piece): Rp 5.200.000,00


Capacity : 8.5 Kg

Dryer : NO

Dimension : 500 X 600 X 842 (W x D x H)

RPM : 1000 Rpm

Display : LED

Do you still need another product washer info, i recommended you to read SAMSUNG – 80U3 top loading washer, price for this washer only Rp 1.900.000,00 in Indonesian currency.

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